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About Davis Consulting Solutions

Through strategic alliances with a network of expert associates, Davis Consulting Solutions (DCS) delivers world-class training, consulting services, accountability coaching, and custom solutions that enable organizations and individuals to achieve their goals. DCS is certified with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Federal Government as a small, diverse, minority, women owned business. We also are certified as a Section 3 business by the Commonwealth Housing Development Corporation. We stand ready to help you achieve higher levels of performance and productivity. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Our Founder

Danielle Davis, MSOL

Driven by a deep passion to play a leading role in community economic development, Danielle Davis founded DCS in 2011. She grew up in Pittsburgh and is keenly aware of the city’s transformation from a robust industrial economy, to a struggling economy, to a revitalized and diversified economy with a bold vision for the future. For over 20 years she has participated with like-minded people in bringing that vision to reality. Ms. Davis has cultivated knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that strengthen her commitment to community economic development. Her expertise includes government and diversity initiatives, leadership, workforce development, and entrepreneurship education. Her work has included corporate, governmental, nonprofit, and faith-based organizations, as well as extensive volunteer service. She has a hunger for learning and for using her knowledge to enrich her community. She holds a B.A. in Community Ministry and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) from Geneva College. Currently, she is enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Community Engagement at Point Park University.

Our Administrative Support

Vanessa Bartee

Ms. Bartee provides administrative support to DCS. In that role, she also has expertise in government relations. Previously, she worked in the Federal Government for 33 years, starting out in Customer Service and progressing through the ranks. In government service, she was responsible for responding to Congressional inquiries and handling Problem Resolution cases when proper channels were unable to resolve issues. She advanced to Department Manager, responsible for 9 supervisors with teams of 18-20 people per team.

Ms. Bartee is a past president of AIM, The Association for Improvement of Minorities in the Internal Revenue Service, which assists employees with personal development, career advancement, and providing service to the community. She continues to enjoy volunteering in her community. She holds an Associate Degree in Specialized Business in Computer Management from ICM School of Business. 

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Our Mission:

Davis Consulting Solutions changes pressing workforce, operations and contracting issues into opportunities for individuals, communities, organizations, businesses and governments so that time, talent and treasure are best utilized for solutions that further the region’s economy.

Our Vision:

Using an integrative community outreach model, Davis Consulting Solutions promotes the strength of the communities it serves by providing resources beyond just information, enabling individuals and/or businesses to achieve sustainability through a coordination of services related to personal, professional and/or business development.

Our vision is a modern-day interpretation of this ancient Chinese proverb. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”