DCS prides itself in being concerned about the clients, partners, and communities that we serve. Knowing what others say, may help you determine that DCS is right for you. Here you can review a small selection of the reviews.

“Danielle is a networking force of nature. She has cultivated meaningful professional relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders in the region. She has an understanding of the needs of the various communities in the area, the organizations and businesses currently serving these communities, and the opportunities that exist for the clients she works with. She is able to help her clients see where their business plans align with potential funding streams, to support them in developing key partnerships that advance their business venture or organizational mission, and to design strategies that lead to business goal execution.”
Kimberly A. Follett, 
Regional VP, VOAPA Program Operations

“If you’ve ever given any thought to starting a business, Danielle can help you through every step of the process. In its inception, my business was going to be something separate from my life, but Danielle helped me to see that it should be the exact opposite. Your small business is an extension of yourself. The business plan is, in a sense, your life plan. When I thought it was getting tough and wanted to quit, she encouraged me to at least complete the plan then decide whether or not to proceed. Once you put so much energy and effort into such a project--thinking about names, finances, marketing, etc.-- it’s virtually impossible to then shelf it. Danielle knew that. She was patient, professional and resourceful; for that, I am eternally grateful. Cookie Envy is now my reality.”
Zuri M. Bryant, Owner Cookie Envy

"Danielle is a one-woman business school and support system for entrepreneurs. She helps new business owners overcome not only the logistical hurdles of getting started but also the emotional ones - the fears and anxiety that keep too many entrepreneurs from following through on their dreams. Her business acumen is matched only by her commitment to making sure everyone she works with finds a path to success."
Mike Capsambelis, 
Product Manager, Google
Founder and Trustee, Awesome Pittsburgh

"DCS is an organic grassroots focused consulting company that bridges vulnerable people with wealth building strategies that resonate with their interests.  Ms. Davis has the ability of obtaining the most from you; thusly, enhancing your ability to fulfill your dharma.  Her easy-going demeanor is coupled with a tenacity that drives her business to excel with various participants; representing diverse economic strata.  I enjoy working with her; she gets the best out of you each and every time!"
Fred Brown
President and CEO, The Forbes Fund

“Danielle's consulting experience is very insightful and helpful. Her passion to see her clients succeed is inspirational and encouraging. She has helped me to believe my dreams are possible to achieve. It was a delight to work with Danielle Davis!”
Antoinette Stanko