Our Associates

Bernice Boyden, SPHR, CEC, PCC,
The Boyden Group

Ms. Boyden is a Senior Human Resource Professional. She also is a Certified Professional and Executive Coach. Her expertise is helping clients to enhance their leadership presence, overcome challenges related to leadership, interpersonal relationships, and communication, and connect with employees on a deeper level. Her clients range from high potentials to executives. For over two decades, she has worked for several Fortune 100 companies in various Human Resources leadership capacities.

She is the author of Seven Success Secrets for Every Woman in Leadership: Simple Tactics for Leadership Success (The Masterful Leader, 2012) and Inspirations of Leadership: Quotes to Inspire the Leader in You! Inspirations for Every Professional Woman (The Masterful Leader, 2012). In addition, she is a co-author of Ready, Aim, Excel (Expert Insights, 2011). Ms. Boyden holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and Master’s in Education from Duquesne University.  


Diane Daniels
DID & Associates

The mission of DID & Associates is to serve as a liaison between the community, business, media, political, and private sectors with the motto “to promote, publicize and popularize.” DID & Associates is a multi-phase public relations/self-development firm with the objective to help businesses and organizations accomplish their mission in a professional and organized manner.

Expertise of DID & Associates includes media relations, specialized training, and business development platforms. We package, develop, manage and promote artistic talent and speakers and assist businesses, organizations, communities and individuals in promoting themselves and their events. Ms. Daniels holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media Communications from Wilberforce University.


Ron Hart
Resumes That Talk

Mr. Hart has been in the business of crafting resumes for job seekers and providing overall job finding assistance since 2008. He draws on his background in sales management, marketing, and operations developed through a successful career in the steel industry. He has traveled extensively nationally and internationally in these roles.

His current work includes supporting, encouraging, guiding, and challenging employment candidates. His expertise includes developing a personal marketing plan, networking, interviewing, choosing and using references, using LinkedIn, and understanding the role of independent recruiters. He uses his own information collecting processes and is guided by his definition of an “awesome resume,” derived from his vast experience. Mr. Hart holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (Industrial Management) from Ohio University. .  


Dr. Mitchel Nickols
More Than A Nickols Worth, A Nickols Worth Consulting & Coaching, LLC

Dr. Nickols brings both a strong theoretical background and real-life experiences with more than 35 years of training delivery and practical application. He has well-honed communication skills as an educator, author, executive coach, consultant, and trainer. His expertise includes business ethics, strategic planning, diversity and inclusion training, with customized training for management and staff.

He has taught diverse populations at both the undergraduate and graduate levels for nearly 20 years, and mentored more than 400 professionals at the graduate level. His higher education teaching experience includes Community College of Allegheny County and Geneva College. Dr. Nickols is a 5-time national award-winning television producer/host, as well as an award-winning newspaper columnist. He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh.


Donielle (Belle) Owen
Donielle Owen Consulting

Ms. Owen specializes in developing strategies for small and medium sized businesses. Her expertise includes strategic planning, certification processing, business planning, resource development, website development, human resources, marketing and branding. She served as a human resource and business development consultant for Bridgeway Capital, and was the Summer Program Director for Three Rivers Area Labor Management.

In addition to her for-profit businesses, Ms. Owen is the Founder and Executive Director of A House That Ruth Built, Inc. which focuses on workforce development and entrepreneurial education. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from Geneva College and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from Robert Morris University. In addition, she completed an Employment and Labor Relations Certification at Penn State University and studied Community and Economic Development at Beulah Heights University in Atlanta, Georgia.

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